Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman -MLK

With status quo, non english speakers are delayed and underserved, aged are slowed, those of low literacy are underserved or delayed, those with economic disparity or stigma's are treated differently, the genders are often not respected and vital cultural needs are typically not well accounted for. The result is slower care, lower quality, greater cost and reduced efficacy.

No delays, no detours, no different lines for people of diversity; just equal, immediate and effective medical engagement. A modern system that personalizes to each patient and immediately guides them in progressing their care no matter their language, literacy, race, culture or issue at hand. The method also goes beyond simple engagement by providing personal patient insights to medical staff ensuring culture and person are respected.

Over a decade as the equity leader in health technology

Vital Improvement

Conventional engagement methods have deep flaws that exacerbate and emphasize disparities. The old method favors dominant culture, language, gender and literacy while ignoring or providing sub-par services to the balance of the population. Efforts have proven that no matter the effort and resources put forth, the old method maxes out at 40% successful engagement.

The new CITE method, provided on Phrazer/Kitsune, is proven to effectively engage the entire population equally and even improve efficiency and results with the dominant population. Nobody looses in the transition to CITE and new pathways to innovate are created. Start your path to real equity now.

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Every patient, in every language, literacy, race, gender and culture is provided with a personalized experience and immediate progress in their health journey. Qualified trials prove that patients strongly prefer CITE on Phrazer/Kitsune to conventional methods.

Extensive testing has shown that patients are more comfortable, open, honest, accurate and engaged with Phrazer/Kitsune. Patients work better with staff and more effectively follow their care plan.

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Staff and System

• Eliminate 90% of charting
• Eliminate translators
• Eliminate scribes
• No COWs or tablets
• Ensure process adherence
• Improve staff safety
• Access affordable innovation
• Staff at top of licensure

Phrazer/Kitsune informs staff on best engagement practices for patients, racial and cultural competencies and effective performance strategies. It informs, provides trust and foundations for improved personal engagements.

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An equity strategy your patients demand