Automated, any language, safe and secure, mass virus screening and management

Qualified Capable Utility

The Phrazer/Kitsune is fully antimicrobial can be cleaned with strong chemicals, includes all COVID-19 protocols and updates automatically with your workflows. The batteries last up to 30 hours on one charge and can be hot-swapped to keep them running without interruption. The platform has a secure portal to run and support 3rd party apps as desired. The software is pre-set for all major EMRs, printers and alert systems for quick interoperability. Remote control and live video features (with live translation) help ensure staff stays safe and patients are never left alone.

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Phrazer/Kitsune is FDA grade, North American sourced, manufactured and supported. Operating system, service and support are local to Vancouver BC. A fully single source platform with no 3rd party requirements. Hardware/OS/UI/engagements are all safe, stable, secure and rapidly modified to need.

Mere Hours to Protocols

Baseline COVID-19 protocols are included in service languages and for all literacies. When there are protocol changes required or workflow enhancements, GeaCom employs its high efficiency systems to quickly create and automatically load the changes to all of your systems automatically; In mere hours! This feature helps keep rapid mass triage adaptive and evolving to new insights.


Phrazer/Kitsune includes federally recommended protocols, provided as CITE engagements for your entire population. Then you provide your workflows and needs for incorporation (to include both patient and staff instructions). Within hours these are produced and automatically loaded to the Phrazer/Kitsune's you have in service. On confirmation these new workflows go immediately into service. Realtime performance measures can be accessed to determine the results of the updates.

Safe Mass Screening and Support

Patients are empowered to self chart, no scribes needed, no nurses exposed, no translators required and still there is constant contact and control for staff to safely and effectively progress multiple patients simultaneously.

Personalized to the Patient's Age, Literacy & Language!

Patients can self triage individually or in groups (isolated but not alone).  Phrazer will automatically identify the patient, match language/literacy and then accurately have them self reporting their infection risks, potential symptoms and more while impressing upon them the need for orderly, safe progress.

Staff is in Control and Always Updated!

While patients progress and self report, updates enable staff can track with realtime and asynchronous progress and initiate next engagements. Staff can remote control patient Phrazers to direct the next steps, they can initiate video conference sessions with patients (with language support), they can remote direct patients to their rooms or begin consents or discharge.

Patients are Never Alone in Isolation!

While patients are roomed, staff can securely check in on any patient (staff can connect from the nurse's station, from home or any network location), to provide instructions and support and keep constant, safe contact.