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Streamlining and augmenting patient interactions

Fully EMR integrated, qualified and proven care solutions.

Vital Innovation

GeaCom is the inventor, producer and top market collaborator on the world's most advanced, proven and deployed medical journey solution. We offer innovations that ensure patient rights, novel care efficiencies, operational excellence, staff augmentation, safety and ultimately better community health.

Our dedication to excellence, compassion, and innovation is rooted in our devotion to the science of CITE and art of Equity, which supports every aspect of our mission.

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A Better Virtual Clinic

Fully qualified clinical service through an FDA grade, purpose built system. Self guided care, live provider connections and full EMR integration. Easy and full provider control.

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In Facility Augmentation

• Reduced staff need and improved service
• Patient self authoring of the chart
• Elimination of translator and scribe need
• Always engaged, never alone health service

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Total Health EquityBreakthrough efficiency with increased quality for all

Care personalized to age, language, literacy, race, gender, culture and more for equitable, ethical, outcomes.

Long awaited Breakthrough Solutions

With Phrazer/Kitsune all patients, in all care departments are engaged in a matter of minutes, are accurately authoring their own chart and advancing their care efficiently. Patient wait times drop to near zero as the new CITE technology engages staff and resources simultaneously to streamline operations. Eliminating scribes, staff data entry, translators and repetitive activities while replacing these with best practices, best bedside manner and realtime care that enables staff to perform at top of licensure consistently is an ethical, economic breakthrough.

Medical Journey

Admission-to-discharge, personalized journey solution for excellent continuity and quality of service.

Patient Entertainment

TV, movies, books, education, games and services on demand (in EVERY language).

Language Services

Efficient engagement and patient driven chart authoring in every language affordably & accurately.

Fast Track

Provide immediate on-devices services, engage with doctors virtually and discharge without rooming.

Automated MSP Coding

Automatic charting, coding and billing for on-premise, virtual, in-network and out-of-network services.


Enabling patients to purchase desired services, on demand, for a better care experience.


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The major advantage is it works. No other technology has the ability to engage all languages, literacies, ages, genders and more. It is also the only FDA grade solution that exceeds infectious disease control requirements, it costs less than any other hardware, is totally data secure and has special patented features that empower the CITE methods.

Phrazer/Kitsune CITE solutions are pre-qualified and connection ready for all major EMRs including Cerner and Meditech. For legacy and paper systems the platform connects to all major printers and print servers and provides messaging for older data systems.

CITE Systems actually perform equally in all languages including Indigenous; without requiring literacy. Patients can author their own charts in all languages. Additional languages or uses do not cost extra; expansions are free.